About Us


Vintage Palace is a vintage clothing store created by Pablo and Sergi in 2017 in Cornellà, a city on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Vintage Palace arises as a "hobby" from the passion we had (and still have) for everything related to vintage fashion. Inspired by the love we both profess for urban culture, sport and fashion, Vintage Palace has always had a vision of these three elements as parts of an indivisible whole.

We had realized that all the stores we knew offered the same type of clothing, branded clothing, but very similar to what you can find today in any traditional store. We didn't want that and we thought: “If you can't find what you're looking for, create it yourself”.

The pieces that we would offer could not be like that, they had to be clothes that reflected our tastes and vision of the world. The clothes had to be unique, clothes with personality, clothes that tell one story or another depending on their characteristics, exclusive clothes.

With the hope of not having to depend on anyone but ourselves to be able to live and work in something that we both enjoy and thus offer a greener alternative within the world of fashion, an increasingly depersonalized world and with an increasingly more destructive, we decided to embark on this beautiful project of searching and caring for unique pieces of clothing that today you can see as something solid and stable. Although it was not always like this, our first warehouse was, as in so many other stories, the room of our childhood. And that was when we began a search that continues to this day and that, we hope, will have no end.